Yes, rule breakers, even we have rules not to be broken.

Our code of conduct means your values and ours are adhered by and are there to protect us all and allow us to feel at home and in trust while together.


Membership is by invitation only and all membership is approved by the membership board before approvals. Membership will be reviewed each year and will not auto-renew for the following year until approved.

Referrals/ New Members

Members are invited to propose new members who are aligned with CMRB.

An application process will occur for all members.

The Membership Board will review new membership referrals and invite members.

Membership Cancellation

The Membership Board have full right to cancel membership without notice at any time if conduct and policies are abused or broken.

Activities that breach the codes of conduct may lead to suspension or termination of membership.


Members are welcome to invite up to three guests, upon approval, to events.

Member benefits do not apply to guests.

Community Conduct

Values and integrity are of upmost importance.

Audio/Video Recording

Permission must be sought from the CMRB when recording audio or video within the community, private spaces and during events.

Press/Social Media

Given the nature of our organisation which fosters a global community of like-minded individuals, privacy and trust are the pillars on which CMRB is built. We share information, ideas and leadership skills which are not always for public consumption. And given we do not want to hinder the exchange of ideas, brainstorming and entrepreneurial development that CMRB inspires we need to manage any media coverage to protect not only individuals but the integrity of CMRB itself. As a result we have a strict press policy and long term membership is dependent on adhering to this policy.

Conduct for media and press includes:

  1. CMRB only appearing in the right global publications as such we ask for any media pitches or requests to be centralized to our press office for approval prior to interviews being given and information about CMRB or its members being publishing
  2. Personal blogs are the exception as long as any information about other members is only shared after seeking permission from those members
  3. Should anything be published about your involvement with CMRB and its related parties that we wish to have edited or removed, you agree to co-operate promptly with any reasonable requests we may make.

For Media Enquiries please contact:


That we respect the confidentiality of the brand, our members and fellow members, events and sharing.

 Invitations/ Event T&C’s

By Invitation only. Attendance to an event; terms and conditions will apply as detailed upon the confirmation of attendance.